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What It Takes to Be Comfortable

This weekend, my Nana moved into her new house. It is remarkable to watch her take on such a big life transition at almost 82 years old. I don't think people give her enough credit. She's leaving her house of 58 years and it's so bittersweet for her. Her children facilitated the move for her own safety, and she agreed, understanding it was probably for the best, but grieving all the same.

A few weeks ago, I stood with her in her old kitchen, looking from there out into the rest of the house, all the way to the front door. We both had tears in our eyes. We talked about all that has happened there. The holidays. The spills. The mistakes all of her 4 children made in the house as they grew up. All the work my PopPop did to the house when he was young and still alive. We talked about the things that can't come along, like the measurement wall all the grandkids stood up against, beginning more than 30 years ago marking their growth over the years, starting with me...

She ha…

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