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Dear Rick,

So here we are again, Rick. Another year has passed, marking 4 years now since you left this earth. So much has happened since you’ve been gone. So much has changed.I’m married again and I’ve been spending the last year getting used to my new last name. It’s strange not being a Bair anymore. It’s good to be a wife again instead of just a widow. I think about our marriage, Rick, and this one is stronger. I know you already know all there is to know, so I know you won’t take offense to me telling you that. In fact, I know you’ll be happy that I’m happy and thriving rather than just surviving. 
People don’t talk about you much. The person who brings you up the most is me. I think everyone’s afraid to say your name as though it will upset me, ruin my current marriage, or hurt Jeff’s feelings. It won’t, of course. I like when you’re remembered. That part of my life existed and so did you. My current marriage couldn’t possibly be ruined by the mention of your name. And Jeff has never had hur…

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