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Run Run Run

So, it’s my birthday. I’ve been reflecting as I do every year. Typical writer stuff. Nothing special. I’m 34. Blah blah blah. But I’ve compiled some thoughts today.

When end of August and beginning of September rolled around and all the first day of school photos flooded my Facebook feed, I had this post in my head to write about how I long for the day when I have first day of school photos of a child to share and show. I lamented in this mental blog post I never wrote that I have friends my same age with high schoolers! Middle schoolers! Elementary schoolers! And I haven’t even had a baby of my own yet.

But then I realized, why would I complain or be woeful about the fact that I saw about a hundred first day of school photos? I LOVE all the first day of school photos! I love seeing the little smiles, the teenage pouts and eye rolls, the outfits, the backpacks, and the parental pride. I LOVE IT!

Do I want it as part of my own life? Well, yeah! But I didn’t for one single second want a…

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