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It's Hurting Again...

...Actually, it never stopped hurting. I had my second miscarriage 3 months ago now and even though the world has continued spinning on its axis and life has essentially gone on, I'm still very much grieving. The pain doesn't go away with the snap of fingers or a deep breath or a couple of days recovery. I am certainly no stranger to loss, but this kind is so different. While I endured widowhood at a young age, to the trauma of suicide no less, I'm finding this grief is very different, especially once it's multiplied.

All grief is essentially the same, right? Well yes...but at the same time, no. This baby loss stuff is just something people don't touch. Some don't consider it as real of a loss, and even the ones who do don't exactly jump to talk about it. No one asks me if I'm okay. It's a miscarriage. It happens. And of course, it does. It's a part of life. But so are all the other kinds of death. And those kinds are just handled differently.

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