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Living the Dream (House)

It’s been a long road of navigating, creating, planning, negotiating, and budgeting. But first, it began with dreaming. Jeff and I began building our dream house almost 2 years our minds and in our constant conversations. The more conversations we had, the more details our house gained. Soon, we knew exactly what we wanted and were in total agreement. After attending a few open houses and some showings of homes we’d looked up online, we decided that no house would have everything we wanted unless we built it ourselves. We decided to start from scratch and make a fresh start together in a home we created as a team. We found our land in Center Valley in October of 2016, a true gem on a quiet road not a mile from the Promenade shops. Not in a development of any kind. No busy traffic. But super close to route 309 and 378, allowing us to get anywhere in the Lehigh Valley with ease. We researched house plans. We researched builders. We researched the township. We chose a building c…

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