I added The List as a tab that will always stay on the top header of my blog, that way it can always be easily viewed no matter how many posts I write after that first one. It's a good way to check progress.

Speaking of progress, I think I've come a long way in the category of fear. Fear doesn't have to be a raging darkness that immobilizes us. It can be a tickle at the back of the neck that keeps us from feeling comfortable...or a pesky feeling of dread that follows us around. Fear has many faces.

Being fearless, for me, is mostly about being happy with myself and being unashamed. I realized with a chuckle this morning, after viewing Facebook comments related to my new blog, that I must be pretty comfortable with myself if I know the chaplain at my former job is reading my words (and liking them!). I won't lie - I mentally ran through the items on The List, trying to imagine what a Pastor might think of them. And I smiled. It's not that I'm embarrassed by anything I write. If I put it here, it's authentic and that's the point. Adventures Uncensored.

We censor ourselves too much. I want the raw, the real, the serious, the funny. Even if it means laughing at myself, I want to tell the stories.


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