A Second Chance

I have been so caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy life, that I forgot to share some wonderful news.

Jeff and I are engaged! He proposed in front of my parents, so they got to see a huge happy moment after watching me go through so much heartache over the years. We'll be married in June. Only 2 months away! I'll be a stepmom and the girls are excited to be my little bridesmaids. Jeff and I each get a second chance at love and life, creating an awesome life together brick by brick and memory by memory.

I'm saving all my loving words about Jeff for when we write our own vows, so for now I'll just share some snapshots of me with the person who has made feel like a million bucks and then some. He is my biggest fan and truly brought joy back to my life in a big way.


  1. Congrats I am so happy for you

  2. Yay, Arielle! This is wonderful news! Congratulations and it is so great to see you so happy.

  3. Congratulations, Arielle! You look incredibly happy--both of you!
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful update.


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